Material design theme, not handling dropdowns correctly

This shows on other places too:

Isn’t this a problem with your chosen theme? I don’t see that in the default black or white themes.

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It’s in the material design theme by the looks. AFAIK one of the design guidelines for material was brightly colored high contrast top bars?


Right, it’s the material design theme installed here on meta.

The problem is the extra drop shadows on the duration selector and the line below subcategories header, which ruin the “cards” effect.

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@rewphus can you have a look at this?

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Yeah, probably won’t be able to get to it until tomorrow though.


Let me know if you need help, it’s select-kit related.


Should be fixed now. It’s a very specific fix just ignoring the period-chooser-header, because the shadow seemed to work fine in other button dropdowns, so if you notice it anywhere else, let me know.