MathJax does not display the formulas

I installed the MathJax plugin on my localhost Discourse community. I enabled it in the settings:

But for some reason it does not display the formulas, not in the topics and not in the previous:

The formula I tried:

$$\frac{a}{b} \cdot 5 = 5a\cdot b^{-1}$$

Discourse is set to be in Hebrew (RTL). Maybe that is the reason?
How to solve it?

Works for me on with both the default locale and user locale set to hebrew.

Are you running other plugins or site customizations?


For inline rendering, you need to wrap the formula in single $ characters.

This is working for me on my local site, with the Hebrew locale:

$\frac{a}{b} \cdot 5 = 5a\cdot b^{-1}$


I installed the ad plugin but didn’t use it yet. No other plugins or customizations. Any other thoughts about what could be the issue?

Settings of the plugin: