Membership anniversary

Hello Discourse Community,
We’re working on membership integration on our open B2B community and would leverage the ambassadors features.
I see the “Membership anniversary”, the “leaderboard” and the badges.
Did you added other plugin?
How are you highlighting the profile engagement? (monthly post greetings? auto. badges?)
Thanks a lot


Just in case you are unsure about how to enable or configure these features, anniversaries (and birthdays) are added by the Cakeday plugin, the Leaderboard is added by the Gamification plugin. The badge system is a part of the core Discourse code. It can be configured from your Admin / Badges page. Let us know if you have any questions about setting things up.

It would be great to hear from some sites that are making use of these features. I know they’re out there, but are not necessarily active on this forum.


Hello @simon thanks a lot for your feedback.
All the plugin have been by my colleague and work well!
I was wondering if we have other ambassador tips or features we could promote.
For instance, one of our member received an auto. email from Discourse (french version enclosed), saying hi & well done for your online actions last week, we granted you a new badge.

Thanks :slight_smile:


You could customize the automatic messages that are sent out when a member is granted a new trust level on the forum (and the related trust level badge).

The text variables are:

  • Trust Level 1 message
  • Trust Level 2 message
  • Trust Level 3 message

(I shared a more comprehensive how-to on customizing system messages at Welcome new users with customized trust level promotion messages)

You could also combine that with tweaking the access settings for trust level 3 (Regular) and customizing the default Lounge category.


That email was for the New User of the Month badge. It is granted to two new users each month, based on how many posts they created and how many likes they received. The badge is enabled by default. You can confirm that it is enabled on your site by looking for the “New User of the Month” entry on your Admin / Badges page.

I believe it’s one of the few Discourse badges that generates a notification that will be sent by email. If the Discourse Automation plugin is installed on your site, you could use it to trigger Personal Messages to be sent when other types of user related events occur. For example, you can use it to trigger PMs for badges other than the New User of the Month badge. You can also use it trigger a PM when a user’s post is accepted as a solution, or when a user is added to a group. Possibly that would be a useful tool for increasing engagement.


@Quentin_B FYI :slight_smile: