Discourse Automation

:mega: This plugin is now bundled with Discourse core. There is no need to install the plugin separately.

:discourse2: Summary Discourse Automation lets you automate actions through scripts and triggers. Customisation is made through an automatically generated UI.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-automation
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


  • Easy automation of complex workflows
  • Triggers automations at specific dates, periodically, or on specific events
  • Provides automatically generated UIs to specify options for your automation


Automations can be created and updated from Admin → Plugins → Automations, or directly from /admin/plugins/discourse-automation.

Available scripts

Guide Script Trigger(s) Description
:bookmark: Add user to group through custom field :black_small_square:Recurring
:black_small_square:First logged on
Adds a user to a group based on a Custom User Field
:bookmark: Append last checked by :black_small_square:After post cook Adds a ‘last checked by’ function to the bottom of the OP
:bookmark: Append last edited by :black_small_square:After post cook Adds a ‘last edited by’ note to the bottom of the OP
:bookmark: Auto Responder :black_small_square:Post edited/created
:black_small_square:PM created
Given a series of keywords and associated replies, automatically respond with the corresponding reply
Auto Tag topic :black_small_square:Post created/edited
:black_small_square:PM created
Automatically tag a topic
Close topic :black_small_square:Point in time
:black_small_square:Stalled wiki
Automatically close a topic
Create Post :black_small_square:Recurring
:black_small_square:Point in time
Creates a post
Flag post on Words :black_small_square:Post edited/created Flag a topic on creation/edition if it contains specific words
Gift Exchange :black_small_square:Point in time Simple implementation of the Secret Santa game
Group Category Notification Default :black_small_square:Category created/edited Automatically sets a group notification level for newly created subcategories
Make banner topic :black_small_square:Point in time Convert a topic into a banner notice
Pin Topic :black_small_square:Point in time Pin and Unpin a topic in the future
Random Assign
:black_small_square:Point in time
Randomly Assign a topic
Schedule a PM with data explorer results
(Data Explorer)
:black_small_square:Recurring Send a regular PM with the results of a data explorer query
Send Chat message
:black_small_square:Event started
Sends a Chat message to a Channel
Send PMs :black_small_square:First accepted solution (Solved)
:black_small_square:User badge granted
:black_small_square:User added to group
:black_small_square:Stalled wiki
:black_small_square:User promoted
:black_small_square:API call
:black_small_square:User removed from group
Send PMs with support for placeholders
Suspend User By Email :black_small_square:API call Suspend a user for a specified duration
Topic required words :black_small_square:Topic Enforce the presence of at least one of the specified words in the posts of a topic
:bookmark: Triage posts using AI (Discourse AI Plugin) :black_small_square:Post created/edited Enhance the management and moderation of forum posts by automating the process of classifying posts
User Global Notice :black_small_square:Stalled topic
:black_small_square:First accepted solution (Solved)
Displays a global notice on the site for a specific user
:bookmark: User Group Membership through Badge :black_small_square:Recurring
:black_small_square:User first logged in
Automatically add users to a group based on their earned badges
Zapier webhook :black_small_square:User promoted
:black_small_square:User added to group
:black_small_square:User badge granted
:black_small_square:User removed from group
Calls a Zapier webhook

Available triggers

Note that due to their nature, each script only supports certain triggers. For example it wouldn’t make sense for a script enforcing the content of a post to trigger when a user is added to a group.

All of the available triggers are mentioned in the “Available scripts” table above.

Most of the triggers are self-explanatory, but here are a couple that may need a little more detail:

Trigger Description
After post cook Triggers after a post is rendered for display
API Call Triggers when a certain API endpoint is called
Stalled wiki Triggers when a wiki hasn’t been edited for a while
Stalled topic Triggers when a topic has not received replies after a certain time
Topic Triggers when a reply is made to a topic

If you need any clarification on any others please feel free to ask below. :slight_smile:

More scripts and triggers to come!

Custom Automations

You can also create custom Automations. :partying_face: Check out our developer’s guide for more information - Create custom Automations

:discourse2: Hosted by us? This plugin is available on our Business and Enterprise plans. Automation | Discourse - Civilized Discussion


Just to note, I’ve updated the OP with a table of all the existing Automations and their accompanying triggers. :+1:

(I’m also hoping to add more guides too, as the one for ‘Add user to group…’ looks a bit lonely all by itself :slight_smile:)

There are a couple more walkthroughs added for 'Append last edited by' Automation and 'Append last checked by' Automation. :tada:

And a brand new script, User Group Membership through Badges. :partying_face: That one is pretty hot off the press so if you try it out, let us know how you get on. :+1:


Now I feel myself very very… not stupid, but close. Where can I build up automations? Under plugins I can only enable or disable Automation.

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After enabling the plugin, you should see new item here:

It might require refreshing the page to see it.


Aaand now I feel myself really stupid :man_facepalming:


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I’ve been stuck on that one before :slight_smile:

Replies to this topic should probably get set to auto delete after 30 days. At least this reply should.

We no longer do that for official plugin topics. Too much good information has been lost to the topic timers. We now curate them manually and split any significant discussions into separate tagged topics (as well as encourage people to start separate topics to begin with). :+1:


A post was split to a new topic: Automation to close Solved topics and post a template response

:information_source: Discourse Automation has now been bundled with Discourse core, so this plugin will no longer need to be installed separately. :partying_face:

:discourse2: Hosted by us? This change will not affect you in any way. :+1: If you are on the Business or Enterprise plans, you can continue to enjoy this plugin and not worry about a thing.


Is there an automation script that can change Category? I’d like to use it to make a more flexible “Schedule Publishing” system.

I’m imaging that the script would

  • run periodically, and
  • check for topics in a given category which have some marker in a reply (like, marked as solved or reply contains certain text, like “PUBLISH”).
  • If the date of that reply (or “solved” status) is longer ago than a given offset (like, yesterday, or a week),
  • delete all replies
  • move to given category
  • optionally, add configurable tags

A more sophisticated version might look for a date/time in the trigger reply, and publish if it is now after that date/time.

It also might look for the target category in that post (with script config for allowed target categories). And for that matter, tags.