Mention all users in a topic or post

Hi is it possible to tag all users or specific group of users in a topic/ post? something like @all @active @groupname


as far as i know you can only do this if those users are part of an established group. if a topic is part of a category that only a specific group of users have access to, you can sort of accomplish this (unless you want to manually add posters of a topic to a group). tags can only be assigned to groups of users.

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Thanks Lilly.

So I can just create a group of all users… and allow to. tag the group name to notify them?

Actually, you can simply use @here. (But it is only for TL2 (although Admin can adjust it in settings))


Hi @Lhc_fl I am an admin and of course a LT3 but when I try to @here in one of the topic I cant see it in the autocomplete…

My guess is that this should be the feature…

@here only brought me this hint

As far as I know, admin can be any trust level, I don’t know the mechanism behind it

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hmm Okey means that @here will only tag users who involved in the topic…?

but still unable to do it btw

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What’s your sitesettings result of searching here mention ?

Oh no I just realized I seem to have misunderstood you. If you need to @ all users of the whole site, try @trust_level_0 (You need to allow you @ this group first)


oh yes the @here function does this, for some reason i thought that did currently logged in users. thank you. shows how often i/we use it.

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@here seems to be only for users who participated in the post/topic…


There’s also the max users notified per group mention setting you’d need to increase as well if you wanted to go down that route - default 100, though it can go quite high now:

Though I think people have traditionally preferred creating an #announcements style category or tag and setting that as ‘Watching First Post’ in either default categories watching first post or default tags watching first post so people will get a notification of any topics/announcements that way. This is considered a softer approach and allows people to ‘opt out’ if they want to.