Mentioning a group by choosing it from dropdown list does nothing

(Anton) #1

Please see the screen recording below, it should be self-explanatory:

(Régis Hanol) #2

Just tried here and it works just fine. Does the active group have members?

(Anton) #3

My failure. I can see now there are no members in the group.

But then there is another issue - it is not very clear when the members are actually added to the group. I typed a few @usernames and clicked “Save” and considered it as a done deal. But it turns out it was not.

Also, it still looks buggy when the @ sign remains and zero usernames inserted after I select a particular group name. Maybe some kind of alert would be helpful? I.e. “There are currently zero members in the group named XXX.”

(Daniela) #4

That’s the error (I do the same the first time!)

Type @usarname, click Add and then Save.

(Jeff Atwood) #5