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Hey everyone, haven’t been messing around with discourse in quite a while. I recently updated my site without testing locally. 2.8.0.beta8 - > 2.8.0.beta10

I encountered an issue with Message Bus as it now does not push notifications for users who have not been seen > 30 days.

My inactive user in this instance is a bot that uses an API key. The bot posts and reads messages from the bus but it does not flag him as logging in or being seen in this case.

Is there a way I can set my bot up to ignore this? I impersonated the bot and it started reading/posting again. But i would like to avoid doing that every 30 days. Can it ignore moderators or admins for this? Also sorry if this is the wrong section.

Maybe you can use our Notification WebHooks for this use case?

Possibly I’m not the best with all this. My specific use case is implemented a hubot using

My bot helps run Mafia games, responds to users votes and commands and stores the data in AWS. I’d hate to completely rework this.

bot for reference.

Oh I see. You are using @featheredtoast hubot adapter. What do you think @featheredtoast ?


Hah what a small world it truly is

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Probably the easiest thing to do here is add a “keepalive” ping once in a while so Discourse sees that the bot is actually active. I’ll see what I can do.