Messages on sidebar might be better linking to inboxes in group context

At the moment, in the MESSAGES section, links go to:

  • Inbox: /my/messages
  • groups: /my/messages/group/group-name

If your site uses group messages a bit, this destination creates a lot of messy duplication:

Would it be possible to have the links in the MESSAGES section go to /g/group-name/messages/inbox instead? This is cleaner and opens up access to other group functions nicely as a bonus.

Also, it wouldn’t need to expand the new/unread/archive bit for groups. I’m not sure it adds anything for Inbox for that matter as this is also duplicated.

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We’re going to be getting rid of these secondary vertical nav sections on user pages, so hopefully this is a short-lived problem!
Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 11.30.16 AM


That does make sense for those with the Sidebar.

But what about for those sites who aren’t using the Sidebar? It would be important for them to retain that stuff I believe.