Meta discussion about forumate app and discord

How ironic to have a support channel on Discord [for forumate].


How ironic not to have proper mobile apps in the most used forum engine in the world.


Not at all! Discourse is a highly sophisticated PWA with a high level of client side UI processing and app-like back-end data frugality.

With support on Android and incoming increasing support for PWAs on iOS together with improvements to push notifications in that architecture I’d say native apps are a lot of effort to go to with increasingly limited benefits.

Indeed the PWA format allows for extension and customisation by Theme Component and Plugins that would not be possible with an app implementation.


People are missing a lot Discord and stop to engage because UI/UX on Discourse Chat.

That’s our experience and I suspect that could be the same for the majority if everyone try the same flow.

It’s great fo our collective growth like humans, communities and organizations keep ourselves always improving (without judge) :slight_smile:

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I wish I could agree more. I’ll just say I don’t have to put up with this sort of problem very often on native apps:


Can’t recall ever seeing that bug?

For me the biggest limitation (which might not soon be a PWA limitation) is getting the full suite of JIT notifications you get on an app. I’m not sure we’ve reached that point yet? Once that is resolved fully the only advantage imho the app will have is a place on the appstore for marketing? And even then you can deploy PWAs to Android Play I believe?


I’ve seen it several times on my iPhone 11 on both Meta and the NaNoWriMo Discourse. Never found the root cause since it only seems to happen when my MacBook isn’t handy to access the dev tools.


Not at all imo. (I am not sure this is irony, I would just use the word sad here which is more accurate)

There is no 0 dollar per month Discourse offering anywhere in the ecosystem. If you have a hobby project and are in a situation where you can not afford to either self host or use a hosted solution, then Discord becomes mighty appealing.

Again a bit of a misuse of irony. But I would like to point you here:


Irony’s hard to pin down but do you think Richard’s comment maybe counts as “Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs” (Wordnik)? I think this is called situational irony. I agree with you on the other comment.


Yes, since it is a hobby project. Free discord server is my first choice for Forumate.

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Ah iOS specific?

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Yeah. I started seeing it in 16.4, but it’s been more frequent in 16.5.


Hey, @jtbayly, could you open a bug topic about this?

@ClawdiaWolf, I believe you didn’t found clear repro steps then?

Might be worth investigating on a dedicated topic (I’ll move the posts after). :slight_smile:


The only thing that I’ve found that is consistent when it happens is that the keyboard was active before it triggers.

Closest I’ve come to repro is that it more often happens if the keyboard is active in the composer and you have something happen that forces an app switch, but it’s really inconsistent.

Sometimes it triggers when minimizing the composer to quote part of a post.


@ClawdiaWolf seems to be further ahead than I am on this.