Microsoft 365 OAuth2 Plugin

Summary: This plugin enables OAuth2 for Microsoft Office 365 accounts.

:link: GitHub:
:arrow_right: Install: Follow the plugin installation guide.


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You can update all settings within the Admin > Settings area (including disabling the plugin).


Visit Microsoft Azure and follow the directions for registering a new application.

  1. Choose a name (usually your site name)
  2. Under Supported account types, select the most permissive option
  3. Add your site as a Redirect URI for Web in this format:
  4. Visit Certificates & secrets on the left sidebar menu, and image
    • Put something simple under Description
    • Choose Never expires
    • copy the Value (this is the Application Secret) and paste into the Plugin settings before you lose it!
  5. (Optional) visit Branding if you wish - this stuff is not obviously exposed
  6. Visit Overview (also on the left). Copy the Application (client ID) and paste it into the plugin settings.




Is it possible to localize/customize the text labels?

You can adjust the text for your instance by editing the strings under Admin > Customize > Text :slight_smile:

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I have already looked there and I couldn’t find them; I tried searching for the text itself, what am I missing?

Also, not sure if related, but in the profile I see (literally) “[]” in the Linked accounts section.

What is the significance of this?

Starting June 30th, 2020 we will no longer add any new features to Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) and Azure AD Graph. We will continue to provide technical support and security updates but we will no longer provide feature updates. Applications will need to be upgraded to Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) and Microsoft Graph. Learn more

I’m going to follow the instructions on this Discourse page but wonder if I’ll have to do anything else shortly.

Me neither.

Mine says “[]”.