Microsoft Identity Platform Plugin

Summary: This plugin enables OAuth2 for Microsoft Office 365 accounts.

:link: GitHub:
:arrow_right: Install: Follow the plugin installation guide.


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You can update all settings within the Admin > Settings area (including disabling the plugin).


Visit Microsoft Azure and follow the directions for registering a new application.

  1. Choose a name (usually your site name)
  2. Under Supported account types, select the most permissive option
  3. Add your site as a Redirect URI for Web in this format:
  4. Visit Certificates & secrets on the left sidebar menu, and image
    • Put something simple under Description
    • Choose Never expires
    • copy the Value (this is the Application Secret) and paste into the Plugin settings before you lose it!
  5. (Optional) visit Branding if you wish - this stuff is not obviously exposed
  6. Visit Overview (also on the left). Copy the Application (client ID) and paste it into the plugin settings.