Migrate topics from one discourse instance to another?

We want to roll out a new Discourse instance for a larger group of users. We’re considering deprecating our older install, however I’m wondering if it would be possible to migrate selected topics from the old instance to the new instance.

Any advice on this?

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@neil has code that can do that by category not individual topic. Probably best to make sure all the stuff you want to move is in distinct categories.

Colour me intrigued :smiley:

That’s definitely something we could probably arrange to have happen. Does this code have a home for poking at?

(PS: thanks so much)


You can export a list of topics instead of an entire category. See that topic that @falco linked to.

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec script/discourse export_topics 25 29

It takes a list of topic id’s.


Awesome. Thanks so much. This looks like exactly what I want.

I’ll report back on any feedback if I have any once I’ve had the opportunity to use it!