Migrate WordPress Comments to Discourse

I’m planning to migrate my blog from WordPress to Ghost and Planned to use Discourse as commenting system.

Is it possible to move every comment as a thread to discourse.

All Post URLs are going to be same after moving to Ghost.

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Hello! Welcome to the community. Apologies for the slow reply (was celebrating :santa:).

Yes it is. Are you looking to get standard Discourse.org hosting? If so, the Discourse team can handle the migration for you. See Discourse pricing | Discourse - Civilized Discussion.

Hey @angus Thanks for your reply !! Hope you’re enjoying the holidays.

I’m planning for Self Hosted one. Is there any documentation I can follow?

If you’re self-hosting, your migration options are:

  1. Keep all the old comments in wordpress, turn on Discourse comments and use the wp-discourse plugin comment setting “Show Existing WP Comments”. This will let you show all the old Wordpress comments as well as new Discourse comments in the same comment section in Wordpress.

  2. Migrate all existing Wordpress comments to Discourse using a migration script. You’ll need to either be comfortable with handling code to do this yourself, or you’ll need to hire someone to help you.

If you’re not a developer and you’re looking for the simplest option, I would recommend you do “1”. On that, see further:


Seems this solution is great. I’ll look into it.

This is what I have planned.

I’m planning to migrate from WordPress to Ghost first. Then I have to use Discourse as my commenting system.

I’m concerned about my comments. Because As far I checked. Discourse needs Login to Comment on a thread. In that case how the comment will become as thread? If it does. How that particular user can claim that account (or It can be anonymous?)

Thinking about lots of stuff.

Hey @angus

Hope you are well!

I was planning to go with option 2 to migrate existing WordPress comments to discourse.

I was just wondering if I need to use the migration script, could you provide some kind of reference to start with?

Thanks in advance!!

Hey @Ridhima_Sharma :slight_smile:

Just checking, do you want to run the script yourself and you want some tips, or are you looking for a reference for someone to help you with it? Sorry was just unclear what you meant by “reference”.

If you’re looking to run the script yourself, there are some good tutorials on each of the existing discourse migration scripts tagged with #import here on meta. I can give some tips here on there on an import, but best to do that in the relevant import topic.

If you’re looking for a reference in terms of hiring someone to handle the import, I would recommend you post in the #marketplace.

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