Migrate from Ghost to Wordpress with discourse comments

I have been using discourse comments on my Ghost blog for a while, now I decided to migrate over to wordpress and that is all done. All of the new posts have the same URL as before.

My question is what about all the existing discussions for posts, if I push all the new wordpress posts to discourse will it create duplicate posts, or merge the two together?

Worst case, I can not push the old posts to my discourse forum, but then no comments will show up on the acual old posts… But I was hoping there was a way to do this.

Going forward with new posts its no problem to get the WP-Discourse plugin working as it should…

I’m about to add a feature to the plugin for linking existing Discourse topics with WordPress posts. That should solve the problem for you. It will be added to the plugin by next week. For now, don’t push the existing posts to Discourse. It will create duplicate posts and your existing Discourse comments won’t be linked.


Awesome, thanks for the reply and good timing too :slight_smile: