Migrating from Nabble to Discourse

I’m a member of a tech community that has been using Nabble for 10 years or so.

I recommended making the change to Discourse.

What would be involved in migrating from Nabble to Discourse? Has anybody undertaken such a job?


You’re in luck, there appears to be a Nabble importer included with Discourse. See Github for reference:

I believe you can export from Nabble, if you have permissions (you said you’re a member, you may have to be an admin, I don’t know Nabble permissions though).



Looks like the link is broken.

Looks like it moved from n8. to s1. :man_shrugging: Nabble - Help - Can I export my forum to a standard format?

If it moves again, it can currently be reached by visiting nabble.com, using the Help link at the bottom and searching for “Can I export my forum to a standard format”

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