Migrating from one Docker server to another


I am trying to migrate my Discourse instance from one Ubuntu 14.04 server running Docker to another and could not find a lot of documentation about this.

I have installed Docker on the new server, but I am not sure how to migrate the old forum. I know I can do docker save. But I have some questions:

  • How do I know the name of the container to run ‘docker save’ on?
  • Will docker load < sometar on the other box recreate /var/discourse and all the YAML so I can just run ./launcher app rebuild and ./launcher app start?



I was able to get the container id with ps -a when it is running, but docker save gives me ‘No such container id’. Is it safe to just take a backup from the Discourse admin panel and restore that way?


Very similar to this topic:

(although no specific answers to your query there)

I saw that topic, but it did not resolve my query which is why I posted

Considering the topic was extremely similar it might have been best to continue and as for more details in the other topic.
(bit late now - I don’t know).

Wait and see what the moderators do :smile:

But yes it should always be safe to make a backup and restore it - that’s what backups are for.
Just make sure you include “content”.

The backups won’t include any code changes, just DB, attachments and images.

Backup and restore worked