Migration of Google Groups to Discourse

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Nope, Google haven’t killed it. I did a full export/migration last week for
a customer and it was fine.

My script is still not up to date, for which I apologise, but I haven’t had
time to refactor it for changes to Discourse after 1.7

It sounds to me like your GG ‘logged-in-manager’ cookie isn’t valid or is
not being found by the script.

I am hoping to be able to fix the script in the next few weeks but can’t



Oops! Meant to reply to this the other day, but as a newbie I’d exceeded my maximum number of posts so couldn’t!

Thanks for the reply, very much appreciated, I am still no further, I’ve pm’d you.



So, thinking a little abstractly I thought why not try from my local machine, if I can get the MBOX files then I can start to do the import just using the default Discourse MBOX script.

The original Icy script does exactly the same thing I described above, and I also tried this Python script with the same result - i.e. no results!!

This one has a very nice login feature using Lynx (bit of a blast from the past!) so I know it’s not a cookies problem and it claims to work with public groups too!

I’m pretty convinced I’m not doing anything wrong and there is something amiss here…

Feeling totally depressed about this now, was expecting a day or two and I am on day 6 now :sob:


Little update, @pacharanero very kindly had a look at my server to see where I was going wrong and it turns out that it wasn’t working because the GG had categories and neither script handles those :persevere:

Phew… so I wasn’t doing anything wrong per se, but now I know what the problem is I can start approaching it again with a fresh mind and new things to try!

Big ups for @pacharanero, anyone looking for a migration service should get in touch with him as he very obviously knows what he is doing and he’s a very nice chap too :smiley:

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