Minor Feature Request: Descriptions in List-Id headers

(Adam C. Engst) #1

One of my readers pointed out that Discourse List-Id headers lack verbal descriptions, which would be helpful (in a small way). The short suggestion is to add descriptions in the form:

List-Id: Sitename | CategoryName <categoryslug.domain.name>

cheers… -Adam

PS: Here’s the message I got, so you can see where the guy is coming from.

Your mailing lists insert the List-Id tag into the mail header, which is nice and expected. However, they insert only the identifier without description. I get

List-ID: <article-comments.talk.tidbits.com>
List-ID: <tidbits-talk.talk.tidbits.com>
List-ID: <site-feedback.talk.tidbits.com>

Other lists include also a verbal description. For example, a few of my actual mailing lists:

List-Id: Macintosh Pascal Mailing List <mac-pascal.lists.sonic.net>
List-Id: How to use LiveCode <use-livecode.lists.runrev.com>
List-Id: MailMate Users <mailmate.lists.freron.com>
List-Id: Discussion for revIgniter <revigniter-livecodejournal.com>
List-ID: Eudora for the Mac <eudora-mac.cartel.listmoms.net>

I can set up my mail program to group the list posts by List-Id identifiers, but descriptions are much easier to see (I mean to click the correct mailing list), hence it would be great if you could have:

List-ID: TidBITS | Article Comments <article-comments.talk.tidbits.com>
List-ID: TidBITS | TidBITS Talk <tidbits-talk.talk.tidbits.com>
List-ID: TidBITS | Site Feedback <site-feedback.talk.tidbits.com>

(Régis Hanol) #2

Looks like a good and easy idea :+1:

(Leo McArdle) #3

A minor suggestion, wouldn’t #{parent_category_name} #{topic.category.name} make more sense here?

That way emails for (for instance) Development - Mozilla Discourse would be:

Mozilla | Add-ons Development

rather than:

Mozilla | Development Add-ons

(Régis Hanol) #6

You’re right. I blindly :see_no_evil: copied the order of the List-Id