Minor legibility bug icon row in deleted post

I deleted some posts and the icon row became very hard to read. I’m using the standard theme on a clean installation. Is this how it’s designed or a small bug?

You can change the deletion color to whatever color you want in Admin, Customize, colors.

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Oops, I looked around there but must have missed it completely :sweat_smile:

Thanks. I will try to change it, would still be nice if the default would be a tad more legible but that’s nitpicking really.

Really enjoying the software by the way. Quick to setup and pretty easy to customise. I never did anything with Docker or Ruby and now I did and learnt a lot from it. Pure edutainment :sunglasses:


I couldn’t change it via the control panel. It appears it’s done in the css;

.deleted .topic-body {
    background-color: rgba(242, 171, 154, 0.7);

I’ve added those lines to admin -> customise -> themes -> default -> edit css/html and changed the colour (255, 46, 46, 0.04). It took some tries with the transparency value but now I don’t have to squint anymore :grin: