(Minor) UX issue on a private message (on responsive)

I’m always unsure if these kind of topics is better in #ux or #bug sorry if this topic is misplaced.

I often use my firefox window on responsive and I came across this minor css issue when I want to send a private message : the title form is partly hidden

And if I reduce the window even more, I can’t really see what title I wrote. Well, you got the idea

Little infos just in case :
Browser : Firefox 64 bits
OS : Windows 10 Pro

Until recently, the title form was on a line below, and it worked well on full screen ou windowed.


Yes I believe @erlend_sh also discovered this bug recently. Possibly related to recent theming work @eviltrout et al are doing?

Yep, this is also happening for iPad Air 2, Safari.

On iPhone it’s fine in vertical orientation, but in horizontal the “add a user” input only takes up 1/3 of the horizontal space and becomes unnecessarily crammed.

@Steven should be fixed