Missing system's avatar in some places?

Hi guys.
I’m having a peculiar “malfunction” - might be not peculiar, a novice here - where avatars assigned by system do not show up in the top-right corner nor in/next to posts authored by the user, yet those avatars do show in summaries, list of posts/topics.
Also I’ve noticed that upon login that profile-icon appears delayed a bit, in comparison to search & chat icons.
Am I missing some obvious setting? Thanks.

We did see some issues with the central letter avatar service as well, it started around 7 hours ago. Maybe the DNS for avatars.discourse.org changed, nginx does not always pick that up. Restarting nginx resolved the issue.


Within the container I see:

<head><title>301 Moved Permanently</title></head>
<center><h1>301 Moved Permanently</h1></center>

but now I also wonder: I thought, avatars assigned by the system are most basic way to get an avatar - that needs to talk to Discourse’s resource (as external resource) as opposed to being done “locally”?

Would I see avatars in some places but not everywhere - if it was for the reasons you suggest?

Is it possible to debug it, to get more verbose logs for it?

Should these parts, the behaviour, vary with each web browser and… more, a lot more importantly does it depend on external, external to Discourse local installation, factors?

In Firefox I go to user profile and “system-assigned” avatar is missing there, but it’s present in Brave and again missing in Chrome (all from the same one browsing client)

When I go to /latest there user avatar’s miniature is shown in Chromium but is “missing” in Brave and in Firefox.

In Brave I go to a post, under which I see miniature avatar in last reply and in reply itself the avatar is absent, but in Firefox it’s the opposite.

And I cleared site data for the domain in each browser prior to this “testing”.

This is freakyyyy!!!