Modifying DirectoryTables

I know this is dumb before I ask but I accept that I too am dumb.

How do I modify this in a custom theme:


(edit) the goal would be to change this to perhaps… rows and columns with divs.

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Before you even reply Kris, I appreciate your time.

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Good timing! This week I’ve started updating the directory to move away from a <table> to a more flexible div layout that recreates the table layout using CSS grid. So if you can wait a week or two this should be the new default.

Otherwise you’d have to override our default template here from within a theme. We have some details about template overrides in Beginner's guide to developing Discourse Themes


This is exactly what I needed thank you kindly!

Order by location? Showing closest members first? :innocent:

So I’ve got my custom theme installed, I’ve modified this file: “discourse/directory-table.hbs at ba3f62f576068035bc8fbda615e595960cd4520c · discourse/discourse · GitHub”, checked and installed updates for it, but I don’t see any changes. I added a class to the “directory-table-container” as a test. Do I need to rebuild the container?

The modified file location:

So I’ve figured out the table and tds but where on earth do the tr tags live?

This previously mentioned work has been merged into Discourse, and we no longer use table for user tables and now use a combination of div and CSS grid

You’d have to check the DirectoryItem component, which is found here: discourse/directory-item.hbs at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub

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