More options to filter users on users page

On my forum there are 18K users. But there is no way to filter users. Example filter users via location.

If I want to see how many people are from new york or from san francisco how to I do that? I think this feature is needed as currently there is no way to find particular people who live in some location.

On FB we can search people who live in new york. In Discourse there should be some way to do this.

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GPS style location isn’t a default field in Discourse, it is free text, you could put in “Mars” there.

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Yeah, I know that. But I really need this feature. Atleast I will get some results if I search mars. But right now there is no way to find people based in some location.

You can install the Data Explorer plugin and query any way you like.

Suggest you discuss this feature with the guys working on the ‘Locations Plug-in’?


I’d love more options to allow users to search for other users.

At the moment on the user page we have “filter by username”.

What about a similar “filter by location” field that works the same way.

It’s obviously only text. But to be able to input a city or country and see a list of other people who have put that in their location field would be awesome.

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