"Move" doesn't work if one of the posts is deleted


I had a user coat-tail on an old thread of his with what I considered to be a new question. Even better, he provided the logs in a 2nd followup post.

As I was about to move his 2 posts to a new thread, I noticed the option to combine them. So I did. That left an ugly, unrelated, deleted post in the original thread. So I picked it and the combined post to move to the new thread so that at least the deleted post would be in the proper context.

Here’s what happened next:

Deselecting the deleted post allowed this to get through to the next error, and left the ugly, unrelated, deleted post where it was originally added.

If I can’t move a deleted post (okay, that actually seems reasonable) then why was I given the option? Should a deleted post even be selectable?

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You mean deleted but not suppressed, that is you did the post merge, which deletes one or more posts, and immediately then moved posts? Bit of an edge case.