Move members/topics from old forum to new forum?

Hi guys

First of all, very new to this Dicourse forum, but man I love this. And I have had such a great respons and help and guide from everyone by email. You guys are so fast and so good, thanks a lot! Secondly, not sure this is the right place to write this here???

Well, I don’t know much about programming and stuff so let me get into topic right away…

I had the nice chance to test trial the Dicource Forum for 14 days and I love it. But then I changed it to a free hosting because I run such a small Patreon site. So while I had the forum for 14 days a lot of members signed up for it and there were many new topics created. Love it and just perfect for me for my Patreon site.

So my question is this: is there by any chance I can take old members and topics into the new forum? Or do I have to start all over again from begining?

Again, thanks everyone that have helped me by email but now I try my luck here in the forum. Thanks in advanced!

//David from Sweden


Sure, you can pull a backup from the trial site and we can restore it to the free site for you. That will overwrite anything on the free site though.


Thanks a lot for the fast answeer, again!

So is there anything I should think about doing this? Also, will my old patreon setup for the forum be good or will i have to do it again?

Shoot us an email to and we can work through the process with you.


Thanks buddy, I just sent you a email now.

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