Move '+ New' Button to Top of Custom Group Page

Hello Feature Creatures of Discourse,

I love this damn thing.

My forum is very finely controlled - one user per group so that each user has their own ‘category’. It’s for clients of my business.

As a result, I have a lot of groups and the ‘+ New’ button appears bellow the full list of groups when adding a custom group on that page.


Could it be moved to the top of the list of groups instead?

I don’t think this would affect anybody other than those who have a lot of groups I suppose, but I don’t think it would negatively affect those who have small lists of groups.

Rock on.

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Curious, why not go for one category per user in this case? The categories integrate nicer into the /latest page etc.

We want to revamp the group page, but it is still quite rough atm.

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Hey Sam,

Ultimately, I’d love to be able to skip the group level of security as it means less setup when I create a new account for clients. Barely any of my groups have more than 1 user.

For some reason I didn’t think this was possible to lock a category down to a user. When I head into the ‘security’ of a category I seem to be able to choose groups and the trust levels, but not users.

In any case - it’d probably make sense for that ‘+New’ button to be at the top, and the other thing I thought was that the group details on the right column are stuck at the top of the page. Again, with a lot of groups, it may be easier to interact with if it remained in that spot and ‘moved down the page’ like the scrolling sidebar.

I think the “minimal” setup you can go for is doing what we do with team support here, it works quite well.

You give all your clients an email they can contact you at, they then use that for all support.

Internally all the support goes to the @team group, that is one of the recipients of the emails.

That way you have absolutely no setup for new customers, no need for additional groups, stuff remains simple.

If you need a “new support request” button on the site, you can add one via a customization and link it to “auto fill” a private message.