Moving groups or cohorts through content based on join date?

I provide individuals and teams with training and development using an online platform. I want to use Discourse to provide them with a learning path, so I can give them guidance on lessons. I also want to give them a place to complete assignments where a community can provide support and encouragement.

Because people come into this program at different times, I want to keep them in groups or cohorts by the month or quarter in which they enter the training and development.

Would appreciate any help with the best way to release content to different groups at different times. May also need some help with technical setup.


Anthony Iannarino


Groups are collections of users. Categories are collections of topics. You can use groups to control who has access to categories.

The trick is to move people through different groups (week1, week2) on a schedule. You could either do that by hand or have a plugin that do it automatically.

There are a few other topics that ask similar questions but I don’t think that there is an automated solution.