Multiple discourse installation on single droplet

Dear Support Team,

I have installed discourse with official guide on my digital ocean Centos droplet and it is working fine , now i created second discourse2.yml file and configured it on new port with new domain and SMTP settings and it is also (bootstraped app) and then (start app) but i am not able to reach it with host name

ngnix is installed on port 3200 (working fine)
app.yml is exposed to 8080:85 http (working fine)
discourse2.yml is exposed to 8081:80 http (not able to reach with hostname)

can someone support me how to configure this discourse2.yml so that i can reach it with host name added into discourse2.yml file

docker :–
1213 /usr/bin/dockerd -H fd:// --containerd=/run/containerd/containerd.sock

2634 /usr/bin/docker-proxy -proto tcp -host-ip -host-port 443 -container-ip -container-port 443

2645 /usr/bin/docker-proxy -proto tcp -host-ip -host-port 80 -container-ip -container-port 80

7448 /usr/bin/docker-proxy -proto tcp -host-ip -host-port 4000 -container-ip -container-port 80

7459 /usr/bin/docker-proxy -proto tcp -host-ip -host-port 2222 -container-ip -container-port 443

Not able to understand what i have to add in ngnix conf and where is that directory for ngix

Discourse won’t work on a non standard port. You’ll need to have a single external nginx reverse proxy to the two discourse instances. There are guides for that.

can you tell me how to ?

Here’s an example. Running other websites on the same machine as Discourse. Your external web site will be an another discourse site.

Did you consider Multisite configuration with Docker

If you’re going to have multiple discourses, it can make a good option.


Thankyou for response @fzngagan , but i think @riking guide is more suitable for me to achieve what i need , & i am successful with it.
thankyou @pfaffman

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