Multiple posts per topic but in just 1 post

Is it possible to have users post one post per topic and all other posts in the same topic automatically go to that user’s first post in that topic? Does this feature already exist? Thanks in advance!

So this would be a way to automatically merge multiple replies into 1? At the moment posts can merged manually, but there’s no way to do it automatically. What’s the context for this need? is this a special type of topic, or are users simply replying too many times?

In the case of annoying behavior… we do have a site-wide setting called max consecutive replies that can be used to prevent that serial posting, and newuser max replies per topic to limit new users… and a warning controlled by dominating topic minimum percent if someone it replying too often…

Thanks for the quick reply. It’s just a special topic, for a specific situation. Fortunately for me, there are more possibilities to be able to get around this. I just wanted to know if there was such a feature to avoid too many turns. Thanks a lot anyway!