My discourse forum github login broken by setting ENV proxy in app.yml

Hi, everyone

In order to run ./launcher rebuild app, I use a proxy to help me pull code from Github smoothly.

  LANG: en_US.UTF-8

But when I run my site, the Github login function is failed. I have to start my local proxy to fix it.

How can I remove the http_proxy and https_proxy of my running site.

Are there any commands as below I can follow to fix the problem?

./launcher enter app
//remove env
./launcher start app

Any helps would be appreciated.


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Maybe if you bootstrap, then edit the app.yml, then start.

Also there is a command line option --docker-args. There might be a way to pass something there when you bootstrap.

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Can I run ./launcher start app --docker-args ?

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Yes. You can. It’s a shell script and you can look at it. There is some documentation at the top of the file. But I pass docker args to launcher start to add stuff to get it to work with traefik.

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thanks, Jay, But I still can’t get rid of the effect caused by

./launcher rebuild app --docker-args="--net=host --env https_proxy="

I need something to remove the proxy settings when I restart my app like this:

./launcher start app --docker-args="--net=host --removeEnv"   //removeEnv is not a valid command, I only use this for illustration purpose

Have your tried changing the env settings in the yml file begotten /between the bootstrap and start?

Yes, but it doesn’t work, so I tried not to mess with the app.yml and use --docker-args to pass the GFW.

When I try to login with Github auth, it turns out that the request pass through the proxy address which is not what I expected.

BTW: my site is, you can reproduce the issue with Github auth.


Finally, I got it working.

  1. edit container/app.yml, remove http_proxy
  2. ./launcher destroy app
  3. ./launcher start app

./launcher destroy app could remove the docker env settings in most situation.


Out of curiosity: What were you expecting? Isn’t that what HTTP_PROXY is supposed to do?

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