Need a plugin coded to allow certain css codings in forum

Due to a recent security issue, coding we previously used no longer work and any work around is removed by updates. What I need is a simple plugin to allow <span> or <div> coding to work along with a adding a code (which I think I already have) to prevent z-index hacking.

I have done some coding, but I would not only have to learn Discourse speak but also linux. At 62 I no longer have the brain for coding much without developing a migraine.:pleading_face:

I would be happy to have it sooner, but I’m asking for help, so I can be patient.

This would have to be free. I’m a Mod, but not an admin. This is on my own time.

So did you try making your css mods into a theme component then adding it to the active themes?

We currently have 3 available themes. I have no idea how to incorporate the ability to code into a theme, in fact I was told it was probably not possible to do what we need with a theme. The ability to code was added into whitelist, and was apparently killed by an update to fix a security issue.

I was told that a plug-in was the proper way to go.

If Your code is mostly css, You’ll have to ask an admin to undertake this since I don’t think mods can make changes to themes.

What they would have to do is to create a new theme component and add all of your css changes to that.

Then go to each theme and add that component to it.

That shall suffice your needs.

If you don’t have a budget and you want free support, then this should not be in marketplace. I’m moving it to support.

Edit: you think it should be here, so I moved it back.

It’s stated in the thread

All solicitations for any kind of work, paid or free, must be in public in the #marketplace category

I was specifically asking for someone to code a plugin. That’s why I put it where I did.


This is what I was told:

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