Need To Hire - Freelancer To Connect My Patreon & Discourse

Good Afternoon,

Would anyone like to help me to connect my Patreon and Discourse together to allow users whom pledge on Patreon to receive privileges on Discourse? If you know any features, privileges, rewards that a Patreon pledger can receive as a user of my Discourse, please share. I am not a coder and prefer to not try to figure this out myself.

I can give a max of 50 USD to complete this. Thank you.

Be Well,

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If $50 is your budget, you should give it a try on your own. I have a fairly non-technical customer who has managed to figure it out.


Your rate is really too low.

If You’re willing to spend more, I’ll be happy to take this on. Feel free to contact on for a quote.


Ah, my condolences if I have accidentally insulted anyone. I had imagined this would entail like a 10-minute configuration, like drop a token here and there and voila. I will reconsider my rate. Thank you.


I think that no one is insulted; it should be simple (unless it’s not). I think you can probably just do it yourself and ask for help if you get stuck. I generally won’t take a job like that for less than $500, not because it’s likely to take 2.5 hours, but because the the chance that a bunch of stuff that should take no time will go wrong and it’ll take 10. For example, it’s more common than you’d believe that a job like that will take 2 hours just getting credentials communicated to begin the job.


Unrelated to this - but shows what can happen. A homeowner wanted to extend his driveway around behind his house. Contractor said “Fine, we can have the job done x number of days.” The first time they backed a loaded truck behind the house it caved in the septic tank and nearly tipped over onto its side. The job took several weeks to finish. Unforeseen things happen.


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