Negative SEO because of too much category pages getting indexed

If you look for total category pages indexed of with following query in google

you will find 1670 pages index. Similarly i have a discourse site with 50 categories
while here more than 23 thousand pages are indexed under category. (A very very dangerous signal for seo because of content duplicacy)
It should be fixed otherwise google will penalise a discourse website rankings.
Look at the following screenshot how duplicate pages are created and indexed.


I tried to write about this earlier. This is an example:


Disallow: /latest?exclude_*
Disallow: /*?no_subcategories=*

I think it is more correct to look directly into the search index. I don’t know if there is such a mechanism in the Google search engine. In Yandex there is a detailed report: duplicates, poor content, all types of errors, are excluded and the included page, graphics crawls, etc. According to the results, a lot of duplicate pages.

I think you may be expecting the Google search modifier to to behave in a way it doesn’t.

Refine web searches - Google Search Help

Search for a specific site
Put “site:” in front of a site or domain. For example, or

Do you have a Google reference that indicates URLs with sub-folders limits results to only those folders?

see snapshot. same cat pages indexed multiple times.

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The issue is these weirdo querystrings… where is this crap coming from?

page I can certainly understand, but…



Just combining those three plus page, that’s

16 categories * 4 * 3 * 2 = 384

384 category “pages”


I think I see the problem, and we need to fix it ASAP

This page must have a canonical meta-tag like so:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

Can you take this @techapj please? the meta-tag should be served to all clients including Google crawler.


We used to include canonical meta tag on /c/plugin page but (I think) this was regressed 4 months ago when we introduced “Default Topic List” category setting.

This should now be fixed, and a test case is added to prevent future regression.

Now all the category pages should have canonical meta tag except the Top category page (/c/plugin/l/top).


We should probably backport this fix…


Okay, backported this fix to beta and stable branch.


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