New columns in directory (/users)

(Anshul Kushwaha) #1

Hello everyone,

I want to add a few columns in the directory items model. ( ‘Solutions’ and ‘Points’ )
I was able to modify the code for the model and templates directly, but how can I achieve this via a plugin ?

If not possible via plugin, is it possible to use my own github repo ( with these changes ) instead but somehow continue to get updates from Discourse repo.


(Bhanu Sharma) #2

I’m Not able to understand the exact usecase but definitely adding some columns can be achieved via plugins!

You may start writing a plugin using the official Guidelines and Then use it in order to ensure You get official updates.

Here is Some Help:

(Anshul Kushwaha) #3

Hey @itsbhanusharma, thanks for the link.
I’ve gone through the Beginner’s Guide, but couldn’t find DB modifications in it.

You’ve any plugin in mind which does something similar ?

(Bhanu Sharma) #4

Have You gone through the whole series?

I’d have a look in the Plugin repo to find if there is something.

EDIT: have a Look Here maybe this Helps!