New KPI in dashboard

Hi !
I may have missed it but the dashbaord do not include 2 KPI that seems important to monitor the health of the community :

  • unique posters per day
  • first poster per day (in addition to new user it will show the ability to convert new users to new posters)

As it’s my first post I will add a note for the team : Thanks and congrats :clap: disscourse rocks :rocket:


Welcome @Eloi_Relange! What does KPI mean?

KPI is Key Performance Indicator. By the way It might be more precise to say simply RI (result indicaors) for the 2 figures I wish to follow.
The idea is to monitor the health of the community in a more complete way. Unique posters + new posters + number of messages, with this 3 daily results I think we can understand better the results of our acquisition & conversion actions.

Ah oui, je ne suis pas familier avec le jargon des métriques pour mesurer la ‘performance’ d’une communauté.

(for non-French speakers: Oh yes, I’m not familiar with the metrics jargon to measure the ‘performance’ of a community.)

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I believe @hawk is working on some planned refinements here in the near future.