New lines in the composer's reply placeholder?

Apparently the board for the R language uses a composer placeholder that helpfully includes an example of a ``` code fence. This would also be a helpful hint for our language board, but I couldn’t figure out how they’re doing it. I tried putting literal newlines, \ns, and <br /> into the js.composer.reply_placeholder but none actually spat out a newline.

What’s the magic that I’m missing here? Are they using a custom theme for this? How can we steal be inspired by this great idea for ourselves?


I think you’d need to create a custom theme. As an alternative, you could use a topic template (Edit category → Topic template):

Also take a look at this theme component: Topic Template Placeholder Text theme component


Ah, great pointers — thank you! Unfortunately the Topic Template Placeholder Text theme component suffers from the same limitation. Which makes sense — it looks to just be selectively override the very same js.composer.reply_placeholder setting on a per-category basis. Just using a topic template alone is a decent workaround, though, we’ll consider that.

Perhaps this could be recategorized as a feature request? I was hoping to avoid theme hacking.