New user unable to post - 500 (Internal Server Error)

Just got a report from a new user that they are unable to post after making an account. I was able to reproduce this myself with a sock account.

Repro steps:

  1. Create new account.
  2. Activate account.
  3. Attempt to create new topic or post.
  4. 500 Internal Server Error.

Console Log:

POST 500 (Internal Server Error)
send @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:5
ajax @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:5
e @ _application-ecd6d75….js:1013
_ @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:44198
h @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:46173
a @ _application-ecd6d75….js:1028
createRecord @ _application-ecd6d75….js:4673
w @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:17102
r @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:17303
_saveNew @ _application-ecd6d75….js:2939
save @ _application-ecd6d75….js:2963
value @ _application-ecd6d75….js:9086
value @ _application-ecd6d75….js:8926
r @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:17297
value @ _application-ecd6d75….js:17072
save @ _application-ecd6d75….js:16917
send @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:26874
(anonymous function) @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:17980
run @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:234
u @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:15693
handler @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:17980
(anonymous function) @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:35367
dispatch @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:4
v.handle @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:4

Notes: We do not have account approval enabled. We do have the first 2 new user posts go into the approval queue. We do not see the posts appear in the queue.


I have a similar configuration and just got this reported to me as well.

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Same here. we have a hosted site

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Sorry about that. We released a security fix last night that included a regression in some code I wrote earlier this week. I’ve pushed a fix and it’s currently deploying to all hosted sites so the fix will be available shortly.


Thanks @eviltrout. If you wouldn’t mind posting again when deployed successfully, I’ve got a user that’s been PMing with me that I’d like to inform of the fix.

@jomaxro I can confirm that the fix is deployed on Stonehearth Discourse instance.


And as of now all customers (except those who with explicit deployment arrangements set up with us) have been deployed again with the fix.

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Thanks for the quick fix! How can I grab it if I’m on DO?

Go to /admin/upgrade and upgrade your Discourse to the latest version.