New user unable to post - 500 (Internal Server Error)

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #1

Just got a report from a new user that they are unable to post after making an account. I was able to reproduce this myself with a sock account.

Repro steps:

  1. Create new account.
  2. Activate account.
  3. Attempt to create new topic or post.
  4. 500 Internal Server Error.

Console Log:

POST 500 (Internal Server Error)
send @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:5
ajax @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:5
e @ _application-ecd6d75….js:1013
_ @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:44198
h @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:46173
a @ _application-ecd6d75….js:1028
createRecord @ _application-ecd6d75….js:4673
w @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:17102
r @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:17303
_saveNew @ _application-ecd6d75….js:2939
save @ _application-ecd6d75….js:2963
value @ _application-ecd6d75….js:9086
value @ _application-ecd6d75….js:8926
r @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:17297
value @ _application-ecd6d75….js:17072
save @ _application-ecd6d75….js:16917
send @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:26874
(anonymous function) @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:17980
run @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:234
u @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:15693
handler @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:17980
(anonymous function) @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:35367
dispatch @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:4
v.handle @ _ember_jquery-c9524b4….js:4

Notes: We do not have account approval enabled. We do have the first 2 new user posts go into the approval queue. We do not see the posts appear in the queue.

(Adam) #2

I have a similar configuration and just got this reported to me as well.


Same here. we have a hosted site

(Robin Ward) #4

Sorry about that. We released a security fix last night that included a regression in some code I wrote earlier this week. I’ve pushed a fix and it’s currently deploying to all hosted sites so the fix will be available shortly.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #5

Thanks @eviltrout. If you wouldn’t mind posting again when deployed successfully, I’ve got a user that’s been PMing with me that I’d like to inform of the fix.

(Arpit Jalan) #6

@jomaxro I can confirm that the fix is deployed on Stonehearth Discourse instance.

(Robin Ward) #7

And as of now all customers (except those who with explicit deployment arrangements set up with us) have been deployed again with the fix.

(Adam) #8

Thanks for the quick fix! How can I grab it if I’m on DO?

(Jeff Atwood) #9

(Régis Hanol) #10

Go to /admin/upgrade and upgrade your Discourse to the latest version.