New user welcome PM shows old style timeline

Here’s a low priority UX bug:

In the ‘Welcome to’ message that all new users get the picture for the time line is still this style, rather than the current vertical slider style.

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You can edit the welcome message on Admin > Customize > Text Content, searching for system_messages.usage_tips.text_body_template.

The old timeline is not the only “old” thing to change (looking the last welcome message that I received).

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That still appears depending on width of browser, and on mobile – and the copy was already updated as of a week or two ago. So this is done.

Where can I find the current version of this default PM text in either my Discourse or on Github? I edited this text and now can’t find a way to retrieve the most up to date version :confused:


Reset that copy to default, assuming you have a recent 1.6 beta.

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