New users with only 1 post can delete their account?

With the new Discourse update, I just came to know that users can now delete their accounts and with the delete button pressed goes all their contributed topics and posts? But why have you guys allowed this option? Why would I let all contributed content disappear from the forum when the user things he no more needs to participate?

I just made a dummy account and then wrote a topic with some content. I then deleted that dummy account. With the delete button pressed gone was all its content??

Tell me if this is not true

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You can only do this up to a point. Once you reach 60 days or 2 posts, I believe the Delete button disappears.

BTW, this has existed for a long while.


cpradio isn’t 60 days too long? What if a user was so active that his posts brought us thousands of visitors from search engines and all of the sudden he changed his mind and deleted the account before the 60 days period? Wouldn’t that sound like a kick on our butt?

Read my post again. 60 days or 2 posts. So once they make a second post, the button disappears.


you are right cpradio! I got you there. Thank you all cleared now! Thanks goodness this option exists

FYI, here is the code for it:



IMHO you face greater risk of a member editing their post.

We have a relatively short edit time window, and still there have been a few members that have edited their posts resulting in completely broken discussions until a Mod restores the original content.

I’ve changed the edit window down to like 8 hours on my forum. Too many people breaking things by editing old posts for one reason or another. I’ve considered changing it to something like an hour instead.

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We used to have it at 30 minutes without too much issue.

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And are debating about doing that again. The only thing preventing this is when a post is flagged inappropriate, the user can’t edit their post to make it visible again when you have a short edit window :frowning:

I take that back, @eviltrout fixed that bug, so it should be okay with a smaller edit window.


Seems to be longer than 60 days - unless we’ve changed the default setting? One of our members, imported from vBulletin at the end of August, apparently self-deleted at the end of January after just one post.

Sorry, it is X days after first post and that logic seems to only exist for Staff/Admin (if I’m reading the code right – and I simply just glanced at it right now, so I didn’t really look at it very long).