Newly approved members remain visible after approval


  • Get notified of a pending member
  • visit the admin page at /admin/users/list/pending
  • click the checkbox next to the new person
  • click Approve at the bottom of the screen
  • dismiss the congratulatory dialog box
  • View that the user is still listed.
  • Expected: that the account is no longer visible
  • refresh the page and the user will no longer be listed (as the approval was carried out successfully)

Bonus points for providing a link to /admin/users/list/new so the new user(s) can be reviewed


Something to add to your list @techapj

I am unable to repro this issue on my dev env.

This is not happening for me. The user disappears as soon as I approve him.

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I just had someone register on my site and can confirm that approving them worked well this time. Thanks for checking this out. If I see it again, Iā€™d be happy to know what health point to check on my server (or browser?) before opening a ticket.

reopened per @watchmanmonitorā€™s request