Nil usage errors in un-self-deleting posts

I wonder if the do not transform header @DeanMarkTaylor was lobbying for would help here…

Nah, it’s this issue again:

No proxy here! Using the no proxy setting in Firefox. It is Windows, so I won’t say that I’m not getting routed into oblivion though. I really do wonder if it has to do with my ISP being bananas.

If you have tried a different browser, then it is either software on your computer (try your phone) or your ISP modifying http requests somehow.

If the problem occurs every time - then you could try connecting via a VPN to test.

Connecting via a VPN should prevent your ISP from modifying the page content.

TunnelBear provides you with 500MB for free each month, remember to disconnect after testing:

For reference purposes here is no-transform feature request @codinghorror thought might be releated:


I went ahead and just agreed to whatever popups comcast was throwing at me and the error resolved itself. Comcast was indeed altering the content of what was going across the line. Thanks for all of the help, sorry I couldn’t troubleshoot this using the search button a little better!

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