Cannot delete user


I created a test user, and now as an admin, I’m trying to delete that user, but I cannot as I get:

There was an error deleting that user. Make sure all posts are deleted before trying to delete the user.

There is only one “private topic” listed, which I believe is the welcome post. How can I delete the user?

I’ve had problems with this recently too @neil.

Also, might help: I created the user on 1.4.latest and I’m now on 1.5.0 release

I cannot delete user, getting the same error message.
The Discourse version is 1.6.0.beta4

I have also already impersonated user, set all the private messages on “Read”.

User activity from admin panel:

I’m guessing it’s the “warning” message that needs to be deleted.

Not sure if you can though.

What do you mean? How can the warning message be deleted?

This user received an official warning PM, which is … rare. You’d need to visit the user page as admin, click messages, and then delete it from there.

ok, i have deleted the user, but actually deleting of the official waring had not helped.
i still got the same error message when i was trying to delete the user from admin panel, when just clicked on the user and pressed Delete User button in the bottom-right of the page.

what has worked out is the button Delete (yes, not Delete User) in the header of the page when going to Show Public Profile.

so it looks like those two delete buttons have different functionality. might be a bug?

I’m having this issue now. Player requested we delete his account, he has made no posts, only sent a PM to request the account be deleted.

Try deleting the PM first, then.


I am also having this issue (Discourse 1.8 on

The user has no posts and I have manually deleted the PMs that he was sent by the system as I blocked him because it seems to be a spam account.

Here’s a screenshot from the admin panel (in German):

Blocking him will prevent him from posting but I would really like to get rid of his account.

Any tips? Thanks!


This user is worrying me …

Would Anonymize be an option?

It isn’t the same as a complete purge of a members existence but it might suffice for your needs.

For example, check out

I guess I will resort to that if it’s the only option, @Mittineague.

The thing is that I’m afraid that I will end up with lots of users like that since I don’t know what caused the deletion problem in het first place and I do not want to happen it again …

I have seen this again recently, @neil, users with no posts that I could not delete, even after checking PMs.


Thanks for looking into it, guys.

If they were users here on meta, PM me their usernames so I can look at it.


New Discourse user here, playing with hosted instance since this morning, and now fiddling with authentication/authorization.

Hitting the exact same issue: a colleague of mine signed-up locally (note: I’ve also enabled a few oauth2 providers), then logged-out, then as admin I went to delete him (delete only) -> no can do :confused: (There was an error deleting that user. Make sure all posts are deleted before trying to delete the user.)

Maybe relevant:

  • he has the discobot greetings PM in his inbox, deleting it did not make any difference
  • I got him to create a topic and then log back out, still can’t delete him
  • his email domain matches an auto-join primary group I defined (can’t remove him from the group either in fact, which I’m not sure is a feature or an anomaly given that his domain does match)

Let me know if any further info could help, I’ve tried to share as much relevant info from what I learned in just a day (started trial this morning).


Note: noticed other traces of such behaviour in this much more recent post

But that issue is closed, hence why I reached out here

Yeah I would suspect the group in this case. Can we repro this @jomaxro?

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Confirmed that disabling the group auto-add for the user’s email domain AND manually removing them from the group let me delete the user.