No access to backup page

I seem to have lost access to the admin backup page on my staging server and I can’t work out why.

The option is missing and trying to access it directly (/admin/backups) via the URL presents me with me an Access Denied message.

Screenshot 2024-01-13 at 18.59.35

I’m using S3 for file uploads but not for the backups. The relevant lines in app.yml that point to a backup bucket on S3 are l are commented out.

Other than DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME in app.yml there’s no difference between the production and staging/test server config.

The only other difference is the build. I’ve upgraded both but rebuilt the staging app and it’s at a different build number.

Staging: 731699a7cf
Prod: 627415eb21

That might have something to do with it but I don’t know what and I’m reluctant to rebuild the production app to find out in case it affects the backups on there.
Directory and file permissions appear ok and are consistent across both servers.

What am I missing?

I’ve just finished updating to that version and I can access my backup page.

Do you have any more info in your /logs that could narrow it down? (Also, trusty safe mode in case it’s a plugin, etc)

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I forgot to mention, I did check the logs and there was nothing relevant in there.

I disabled one plug-in that was only in the staging server on the off-chance it was causing the problem but after a rebuild the problem remained. I’ve got the same plug-ins on the production server with no issues.

I’ll try safe mode and see if that gives any clues. Other than that I might just manually restore a backup from the production server and see what that does. Last recourse will be a full reinstall.

It’s an ‘access denied’ one, and the tab isn’t showing. Just to ask, are you logged in as an admin or a moderator?

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Note that if Admin - Settings - Backups - enable_backups “Allow administrators to create backups of the forum” is disabled, the Backup tab disappears, even for administrators.

TBH I don’t understand the purpose of this setting, it would make sense if it was a hidden or global setting, but it’s not.


I’m logged in as the administrator. I’ve checked and that account is set to TL4,

That’s it! I must’ve disabled that because I never plan to backup the staging server. Not being able to create a backup is not the same, in my mind, as not being able to restore one. I didn’t notice and didn’t realise it removed the Backup tab.

Perhaps a note under that option indicating it’s affect on the UI would be helpful.

Thanks both for jumping in to help.


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