no_email_found is still a problem

@zogstrip, I still have many mails not being sent because of no_email_found as reported earlier here:

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1/ Are you running latest?

2/ What types of emails are not being sent?

Yes, running latest.

Types are digest and user_mentioned (there are no other types so far). However, mails to me (admin) do get through. This has been happening starting 28 January. The day before everything was fine.

I am also seeing A LOT of this.


I can definitely see that happening in production but not in development mode. So I added more logs to try to identify the source of the error

Can you guys update and ping me in ~ 6 hours (or until the next digest job) with more info?


12+ hours on, I haven’t seen the issue again. I’ll keep checking.


@zogstrip, it happened many times again. No idea where you logged it, though. But you can use your admin login to see for yourself on my instance, if you like.

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Thanks for your cooperation, I figured it out :wink: Turns out that when there are not enough topics to send a digest we pass a “NullMail” object to the “EmailSender” class. It didn’t help that the API changed in rails 4.2.0


Great that you found that out! But… it also happens with user_posted. Does your fix fix that as well?

I only checked for digest, checking now for user_posted (it might be another issue, but with the same result).

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Not sure how to reproduce for user_posted. Might have been already fixed. Let me know if it happens again.

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I think they’ve all been fixed. I just saw a whole bunch of mailing_list and user_posted mails go out successfully. No digests yet, btw…

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