No group popup without viewing members permission

When a post mentions a group ( @name ), users viewing that post will get a popup when clicking that mention with buttons to join the group or send a message to it (if they have permission to do so).

But if the user doesn’t have permission to view the members of the group (which are shown in the bottom left of the popup) clicking on the mention does nothing, no popup, not opening the https://discourse/g/name page.

It would be great if the popup would give which ever functionality is allowed for the viewing user (joining the group / messenging the group) even if the user is not allowed to list the group members.

Otherwise if that’s not possible maybe allow clicking the link to open the group page at https://discourse/g/name

The Discourse instance on which I observed this problem was on 2.5.0.beta3 before, which I upgraded to 2.5.0.beta4 but the problem persists.


This feels like a bug @sam, can we assign it?


@vinothkannans can you investigate this issue?

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This is now fixed in the below commit


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