No online status in Topic List

Hey, it seems the Discourse Who's Online Plugin doesn’t work well on my theme? Discourse Air (modified, but original is the same)

I’m using CSS tweaks to show OP avatar instead of Latest Poster avatar but even without these tweaks i never see Online status in Topic List

You can see in the topic list no one is online

But if you go to a topic or look at the “online” list you can see they are online

UPDATE: Infact I’m slightly confused, this also does not appear to work for me on the default Discourse theme, has there been some breaking change in recent discourse commits?

Or does this not work on desktop? if it doesn’t work on desktop the wording needs to be updated in the plugin settings to reflect this

  • whos_online_avatar_indicator_topic_lists : display avatar indicators in mobile topic lists, and the “Categories & Latest” view. Defaults to off.
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@Fma965 - I’ve split your post off into a new #support topic to hopefully get some more eyes on it. :crossed_fingers: