Nominate Discourse for CMS Critic Awards 2017

Continuing the discussion from Nominate Discourse for CMS Critic Awards 2016:

Please take 2 minutes aside and go nominate Discourse for the CMS Critic Awards 2017!

  1. Follow the link above
  2. Enter your Name and Email and…
  3. Nominate “Discourse” for “Best Forum Software”!
  4. Add a brief note about what you like about Discourse. Feel free to share that here as well :heart_eyes_cat:
    p.s. make sure you copy your note before submitting. My first submit errored out and I lost my text.

We won this last year :sunglasses: and we see no reason why this year should be any different.

Lastly, it would be kinda nice if they also had a category in the future for “Best Managed Forum Hosting”, similar to their “Best WordPress Managed Hosting” and “Best Hosting Provider”, so feel free to leave them a note about that :wink:


For some reason, I was getting error when opening the link of cmscritic

This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.

Opens fine for me.

Do you have the option to test with a VPN or online proxy? Some sites use special caching/security tools that can cause issues for issues from certain regions.

Thanks @erlend_sh I was able to connect using online proxy. Have sent my nomination.

Discourse is highly extendable CMS, with QA style. It can be used for forums, or mailing list. Because it is highly extendable, we can easily develop plugins for it. Usecases like integrating chat bots, or with some other apis are very easy.

Also the discourse community is very helpful, and it is easier for beginners to get started.

Although I do feel that discourse is too popular and good to require validation from other sites :slight_smile:

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Heh tru dat! :fist: While the vote itself doesn’t mean all that much to us, it helps our SEO to be on sites like these, and it helps to build trust in our brand.

If people ask us “So why did you lose out to OtherForumThing in the CMS Awards?”, instead of replying “we don’t really care” it’s even better if we can say “look again, we didn’t” :wink:



I work for an international human rights organization. One of the things we do is maintain a global community of practice. We are also a globally distributed team of more than 150 staff. We use Discourse to keep both our staff and our community of 4500+ practitioners connected, sharing and collaborating. It all works seamlessly and beautifully, despite language difference, culture differences, and technology habit differences.


Now to have the category be “best alternative to discourse”…


I have migrated three established forums off varying other platforms and on to Discourse – seamlessly. The Discourse experience is what a forum experience SHOULD be like. It is intuitive for users and provides a powerful management platform for community practitioners. Its suite of features support community novices in making decisions when it comes to community and social interaction. That’s groundbreaking. As bugs or questionable UX experiences arise team Discourse get them sorted (or the community steps up). Love it. I’m a community consultant and have a hard time justifying any other platform to clients.


Done! Our product has over 500K installs and I suspect discourse is going to play a big role for us in future. What I love is the way it builds trust in the community, uses gaming to increase interactivity and guides users to be active participants.
As it evolves I can see it playing a bigger role in support and the possibilities are virtually endless.

(I didn’t get a chance to copy the actual review which was much more elaborate)


done ! #best forum software


Finished the nomination, you have my vote on #bestforumsoftware


Last day of voting today!