Non-admin user can not create topic by API Key

Sometimes I can not create a topic with non-admin users and API Key. My operations are as follows.
I have tried these operations in two different physical machines.
In one of them, the 4th step can succeed, but the other fails.

  1. I deploy discourse in development mode from the latest source code.
  2. I create an admin account and an API key with the following option
  3. I use this API to create a topic with an admin user successfully.
  4. I create a new non-admin user and then create a topic with the above API key. However, I get a 403 response. The server log is shown as follows.

I have totally no idea why the server said “Unpermitted parameter”.
Can anyone give me some advice to find the cause of such problem?

Does that user have write access to that category? Can the user create the topic in the ux?

This user can create topic with the same paremeter by using browser

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