Non- Multiple Choice Polls

I know that you can make polls in Discourse. However, these are limited to multiple choices. The issue with multiple choice is that you can only collect results from the choices that you provide. Sometimes, you want to do a survey to collect results from a large list of items. Rather than list each of those items, you’d simply ask the users to list their top 10.

For example, you are organizing a party or event. You want to know what food everyone likes. You do a poll where people list up to 10 food items they want. Then you can collect the results and do a histogram.

A histogram displays the frequency of each food item selected. Some foods will be on more than 1 list, and those will have a higher bar.

I was wondering, if we can do polls that are fill-in the blank. Here’s another poll created in survey monkey: Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Community Banlist June 2020 Survey

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