Not able to install any Discourse plugins

Hi Everyone,

I have recently installed Discourse production through Docker and I’ve been trying to install a few plugins by following this guide: Install Plugins in Discourse

I added the plugins in my containers/app.yml

  - exec:
    cd: $home/plugins
     - git clone
     - git clone
     - git clone

The docker_manager plugin was loaded during initial installation. However, the other two plugins that I just added - discourse-brand-header and discourse-dark-mode are not showing after successive rebuilds. The build itself does not contain any errors. I do see the plugins in the “plugins” directory within my docker container, but it’s not showing within my Discourse admin, nor in the “Plugins” section of my settings. Am I missing something?

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Hi !
I believe these two are not plugins but components, to be installed there:


Folks, I hang my head in shame. It took me an entire morning to figure out that what I’m installing is a theme/component and not a plugin. Thanks, @Benjamin_D - saved my day!